Airdrop Program

Airdrops are also a very good way of increasing numbers and creating hype. With our automated airdrop website, TokenDrops, you will be able to both resist against the bots and make sure your airdrop is advertised well. To get a detailed proposal package for with stats and exact scope of work, please contact us.

No bots, only genuine users.

Over 500,000 monthly impressions and 60,000 monthly unique visitors.

Fully automated system. Airdrop owner is provided a dashboard to follow all the progress.

Over 60 000 unique registered users.

You can push additional tasks as Twitter following, Facebook page like, Linkedin follow,, register on your own website, Twitter retweet.

You can push prerequisite to have airdrop participant to have certain amount of Ethereum in their address.

We will advertise the airdrop through our channels (TokenSuite, TokenDrops, BountySuite).